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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

today there was a meeting with kak sal, abg hizan and balaji...if syed is in malaysia, he's joining it too ..we're discussing about the HRMS, the one project that we are developing now... my task are to evaluate the software needed for the licensing the software and finish the report module(this is the tough one!)... at this time, i'm not really cleared that i can finish the job before this friday.. huh...there are some problems with my pc... the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is not properly working.... i suppose i need to get rest a couple of minutes and here is me... typing to this blog... hm... last night is a more tiring story as my motorbike's tyre, the rear one got punctured.. i don't exactly notice when it happens, i only realized it when i want to get back home at 10 PM.... suppose the journey only takes me 30 minutes to reach home but last night, i reached about 12 AM, 2 hours as if it counts from the time i leave my office...

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Friday, April 23, 2004

huh... tomorrow is weekend and i'm not working (we works only 5 days a week)..but how can i finish my job ha ?... boring and tiring doing this reverse-engineering...anyway, it do helps me to understand the high-level Java they are using here... :)...

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004 damn tired...that's what to describe my feeling right now...the situation here is that my team mate (actually i should call him my 'sifu') and i are configuring a plug-in that we're using in the software development called omondo...actually the plug-in were used to design the UML and we're using it with the eclipse... a Java IDE (you can get freely from now i'm wondering the time that i will going back home... last night i stay till 1130 PM and reach my home which is 40 km from office at 1200 AM... eat, blablabal and sleep and finally wake up to go back to office at 730 AM...waaa....really tired laaaa... anyway, that's the life that i need to live with from now on...hope this will bring bright future to me....

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

testing one two three..actually this is my first posting to this suppose i'm continue designing the UML (which are my current tasks), i give myself some time to register to the and create my own blog... before this, i only have a website and no, i guess i need to have this are the product...and i don't exactly have a name for it....what should i call ha ?... hm...just make it simple, firul's blog...if i have some leisure time, maybe i will post some words to this blog.. :)

posted by PuTERAKL @ 2:58 PM   |

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