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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Kisah Aku : Aku dan Chickenpox

Chickenpox is one of the classic childhood diseases, and one of the most contagious. The affected child or adult may develop hundreds of itchy, fluid-filled blisters that burst and form crusts. Chickenpox is caused by a virus. The virus that causes chickenpox is varicella-zoster, a member of the herpesvirus family. The same virus also causes herpes zoster (shingles) in adults.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors
In a typical scenario, a young child is covered in pox and out of school for a week. The first half of the week the child feels miserable from intense itching; the second half from boredom. Since the introduction of the chickenpox vaccine, classic chickenpox is much less common. Chickenpox is extremely contagious, and can be spread by direct contact, droplet transmission, and airborne transmission. Even those with mild illness after the vaccine may be contagious. When someone becomes infected, the pox usually appear 10 to 21 days later. People become contagious 1 to 2 days before breaking out with pox. They remain contagious while uncrusted blisters are present. Once you catch chickenpox, the virus usually remains in your body for your lifetime, kept in check by the immune system. About 1 in 10 adults will experience shingles when the virus re-emerges during a period of stress. Most cases of chickenpox occur in children younger than ten. The disease is usually mild, although serious complications sometimes occur. Adults and older children usually get sicker than younger children do. Children under one year of age whose mothers have had chickenpox are not very likely to catch it. If they do, they often have mild cases because they retain partial immunity from their mothers' blood. Children under one year of age whose mothers have not had chickenpox, or whose inborn immunity has already waned, can get severe chickenpox. The pox are worse in children who have other skin problems, such as eczema or a recent sunburn. Complications are more common in those who are immunocompromised from an illness or medicines like chemotherapy. Some of the worst cases of chickenpox have been seen in children who have taken steroids (for example, for asthma) during the incubation period, before they have any symptoms.

Most children with chickenpox act sick with vague symptoms, such as a fever, headache, tummy ache, or loss of appetite, for a day or two before breaking out in the classic pox rash. These symptoms last 2 to 4 days after breaking out.
The average child develops 250 to 500 small, itchy, fluid-filled blisters over red spots on the skin (“dew drops on a rose petal”). The blisters often appear first on the face, trunk, or scalp and spread from there. After a day or two, the blisters become cloudy and then scab. Meanwhile, new crops of blisters spring up in groups. The pox often appear in the mouth, in the vagina, and on the eyelids. Children with skin problems such as eczema may get more than 1,500 pox. Most pox will not leave scars unless they become contaminated with bacteria from scratching. Some children who have had the vaccine will still develop a mild case of chickenpox. They usually recover much quicker and only have a few pox. These often do not follow the classic descriptions of the disease.

Signs and tests
Chickenpox is usually diagnosed from the classic rash and the child's medical history. Blood tests, and tests of the pox themselves, can confirm the diagnosis if there is any question.


firul says
"hmm...lama gak aku tak wat posting tentang diri posting mengenai chickenpox di atas nih memang mengenai aku...alkisahnyer, memula aku ingat bintik2 pada badan aku just ruam biasa(aku tak pernah kena ruam, so taktau nak beza biasa ker tak), so aku pon biarlah sebab aku memang ader alergi sikit, kot2 sebab salah makan ker aper ker, maklumlah sebab 2-3 minggu terdekat lepas, aku pegi kenduri kawin kengkawan aku...tapi biler bintik2 tuh dah jadi gatal2, membesar and pedih biler aku mandi, mulalah aku suspek lain...and semalam doktor cakap aku memang kena chickenpox(aku memang tak budget sebab kan orang kater kalau kiter dah pernah kena, takkan kena lagi and aku dah pernah kena time kecik2 dulu...)...tapi sebab aku poyo nak datang keje gak arinih, aku cakap kat die nanti aku mai amik mc kemudian .. hari nih..huhuhu....bintik2 tuh dah penuh muka :((...habes aper lagi kantoi aaa...balik sat lagi aku kena pi balik klinik tuh and kemungkinan besar aku akan dapat mc selama paling kurang 10 hari and sepanjang 10 hari tuh jugaklah, aku rasa blog aku nih akan senyap sebab aku takder internet kat umah :))...oklah kengkawan2/awek2 yang selalu menjenguk ke blog aku nih, doakan aku tak banyak parut ek...thanks! wassalam :) "

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Artikel : Steve Jobs "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

Stanford Report, June 14, 2005

'You've got to find what you love,' Jobs says

This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of
Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12,

I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of
the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college.
Truth be told, this is the closest I've ever gotten to a college
graduation. Today I want to tell you three stories from my life.
That's it. No big deal. Just three stories.

The first story is about connecting the dots.

I dropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then
stayed around as a drop-in for another 18 months or so before I
really quit. So why did I drop out?

It started before I was born. My biological mother was a young, unwed
college graduate student, and she decided to put me up for adoption.
She felt very strongly that I should be adopted by college graduates,
so everything was all set for me to be adopted at birth by a lawyer
and his wife. Except that when I popped out they decided at the last
minute that they really wanted a girl. So my parents, who were on a
waiting list, got a call in the middle of the night asking: "We have
an unexpected baby boy; do you want him?" They said: "Of course." My
biological mother later found out that my mother had never graduated
from college and that my father had never graduated from high school.
She refused to sign the final adoption papers. She only relented a
few months later when my parents promised that I would someday go to

And 17 years later I did go to college. But I naively chose a college
that was almost as expensive as Stanford, and all of my working-class
parents' savings were being spent on my college tuition. After six
months, I couldn't see the value in it. I had no idea what I wanted
to do with my life and no idea how college was going to help me
figure it out. And here I was spending all of the money my parents
had saved their entire life. So I decided to drop out and trust that
it would all work out OK. It was pretty scary at the time, but
looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The minute
I dropped out I could stop taking the required classes that didn't
interest me, and begin dropping in on the ones that looked

It wasn't all romantic. I didn't have a dorm room, so I slept on the
floor in friends' rooms, I returned coke bottles for the 5¢ deposits
to buy food with, and I would walk the 7 miles across town every
Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna temple.
I loved it. And much of what I stumbled into by following my
curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on. Let me
give you one example:

Reed College at that time offered perhaps the best calligraphy
instruction in the country. Throughout the campus every poster, every
label on every drawer, was beautifully hand calligraphed. Because I
had dropped out and didn't have to take the normal classes, I decided
to take a calligraphy class to learn how to do this. I learned about
serif and san serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space
between different letter combinations, about what makes great
typography great. It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle
in a way that science can't capture, and I found it fascinating.

None of this had even a hope of any practical application in my life.
But ten years later, when we were designing the first Macintosh
computer, it all came back to me. And we designed it all into the
Mac. It was the first computer with beautiful typography. If I had
never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have
never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts. And
since Windows just copied the Mac, its likely that no personal
computer would have them. If I had never dropped out, I would have
never dropped in on this calligraphy class, and personal computers
might not have the wonderful typography that they do. Of course it
was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in
college. But it was very, very clear looking backwards ten years

Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only
connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots
will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something -
your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let
me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

My second story is about love and loss.

I was lucky - I found what I loved to do early in life. Woz and I
started Apple in my parents garage when I was 20. We worked hard, and
in 10 years Apple had grown from just the two of us in a garage into
a $2 billion company with over 4000 employees. We had just released
our finest creation - the Macintosh - a year earlier, and I had just
turned 30. And then I got fired. How can you get fired from a company
you started? Well, as Apple grew we hired someone who I thought was
very talented to run the company with me, and for the first year or
so things went well. But then our visions of the future began to
diverge and eventually we had a falling out. When we did, our Board
of Directors sided with him. So at 30 I was out. And very publicly
out. What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it
was devastating.

I really didn't know what to do for a few months. I felt that I had
let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down - that I had
dropped the baton as it was being passed to me. I met with David
Packard and Bob Noyce and tried to apologize for screwing up so
badly. I was a very public failure, and I even thought about running
away from the valley. But something slowly began to dawn on me - I
still loved what I did. The turn of events at Apple had not changed
that one bit. I had been rejected, but I was still in love. And so I
decided to start over.

I didn't see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple
was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness
of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner
again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the
most creative periods of my life.

During the next five years, I started a company named NeXT, another
company named Pixar, and fell in love with an amazing woman who would
become my wife. Pixar went on to create the worlds first computer
animated feature film, Toy Story, and is now the most successful
animation studio in the world. In a remarkable turn of events, Apple
bought NeXT, I retuned to Apple, and the technology we developed at
NeXT is at the heart of Apple's current renaissance. And Laurene and
I have a wonderful family together.

I'm pretty sure none of this would have happened if I hadn't been
fired from Apple. It was awful tasting medicine, but I guess the
patient needed it. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick.
Don't lose faith. I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me
going was that I loved what I did. You've got to find what you love.
And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work
is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be
truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only
way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it
yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart,
you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it
just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking
until you find it. Don't settle.

My third story is about death.

When I was 17, I read a quote that went something like: "If you live
each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be
right." It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33
years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked
myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do
what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No"
for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've
ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because
almost everything - all external expectations, all pride, all fear of
embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of
death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are
going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you
have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not
to follow your heart.

About a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a scan at 7:30 in
the morning, and it clearly showed a tumor on my pancreas. I didn't
even know what a pancreas was. The doctors told me this was almost
certainly a type of cancer that is incurable, and that I should
expect to live no longer than three to six months. My doctor advised
me to go home and get my affairs in order, which is doctor's code for
prepare to die. It means to try to tell your kids everything you
thought you'd have the next 10 years to tell them in just a few
months. It means to make sure everything is buttoned up so that it
will be as easy as possible for your family. It means to say your

I lived with that diagnosis all day. Later that evening I had a
biopsy, where they stuck an endoscope down my throat, through my
stomach and into my intestines, put a needle into my pancreas and got
a few cells from the tumor. I was sedated, but my wife, who was
there, told me that when they viewed the cells under a microscope the
doctors started crying because it turned out to be a very rare form
of pancreatic cancer that is curable with surgery. I had the surgery
and I'm fine now.

This was the closest I've been to facing death, and I hope its the
closest I get for a few more decades. Having lived through it, I can
now say this to you with a bit more certainty than when death was a
useful but purely intellectual concept:

No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want
to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share.
No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because
Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's
change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right
now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will
gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so
dramatic, but it is quite true.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.
Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other
people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out
your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow
your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly
want to become. Everything else is secondary.

When I was young, there was an amazing publication called The Whole
Earth Catalog, which was one of the bibles of my generation. It was
created by a fellow named Stewart Brand not far from here in Menlo
Park, and he brought it to life with his poetic touch. This was in
the late 1960's, before personal computers and desktop publishing, so
it was all made with typewriters, scissors, and polaroid cameras. It
was sort of like Google in paperback form, 35 years before Google
came along: it was idealistic, and overflowing with neat tools and
great notions.

Stewart and his team put out several issues of The Whole Earth
Catalog, and then when it had run its course, they put out a final
issue. It was the mid-1970s, and I was your age. On the back cover of
their final issue was a photograph of an early morning country road,
the kind you might find yourself hitchhiking on if you were so
adventurous. Beneath it were the words: "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."
It was their farewell message as they signed off. Stay Hungry. Stay
Foolish. And I have always wished that for myself. And now, as you
graduate to begin anew, I wish that for you.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Thank you all very much.

firul says
"best gak speech die kan :)"

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tazkirah : Iman Semut vs Iman Manusia

Di zaman Nabi Allah Sulaiman berlaku satu peristiwa, apabila Nabi Allah Sulaiman nampak seekor semut melata di atas batu, lantas Nabi Allah Sulaiman merasa hairan bagaimana semut ini hendak hidup di atas batu yang kering di tengah-tengah padang pasir yang tandus.

Nabi Allah Sulaiman pun bertanya kepada semut: " Wahai semut apakah engkau yakin ada makanan cukup untuk kamu".

Semut pun menjawab: "Rezeki di tangan ALLAH, aku percaya rezeki di tangan ALLAH, aku yakin di atas batu kering di padang pasir yang tandus ini ada rezeki untuk ku".

Lantas Nabi Allah Sulaiman pun bertanya: " Wahai semut, berapa banyakkah engkau makan? Apakah yang engkau gemar makan? Dan banyak mana engkau makan dalam sebulan?"

Jawab semut: "Aku makan hanya sekadar sebiji gandum sebulan".

Nabi Allah Sulaiman pun mencadangkan: "Kalau kamu makan hanya sebiji gandum sebulan tak payah kamu melata di atas batu, aku boleh tolong".

Nabi Allah Sulaiman pun mengambil satu bekas, dia angkat semut itu dan dimasukkan ke dalam bekas; kemudian Nabi ambil gandum sebiji, dibubuh dalam bekas dan tutup bekas itu. Kemudian Nabi tinggal semut di dalam bekas dengan sebiji gandum selama satu bulan.

Bila cukup satu bulan Nabi Allah Sulaiman lihat gandum sebiji tadi hanya dimakan setengah sahaja oleh semut, lantas Nabi Allah Sulaiman menemplak semut: "Kamu rupanya berbohong pada aku!. Bulan lalu kamu kata kamu makan sebiji gandum sebulan, ini sudah sebulan tapi kamu makan setengah".

Jawab semut: "Aku tidak berbohong, aku tidak berbohong, kalau aku ada di atas batu aku pasti makan apa pun sehingga banyaknya sama seperti sebiji gandum sebulan, kerana makanan itu aku cari sendiri dan rezeki itu datangnya daripada Allah
dan Allah tidak pernah lupa padaku. Tetapi bila kamu masukkan aku dalam bekas yang tertutup, rezeki aku bergantung pada kamu dan aku tak percaya kepada kamu, sebab itulah aku makan setengah sahaja supaya tahan dua bulan. Aku takut kamu lupa".

Itulah Iman Semut!!

Iman manusia pulak??

Di zaman Imam Suffian, ada seorang hamba Allah yang kerjanya mengorek kubur orang mati. Kerja korek kubur orang mati bukan kerja orang ganjil. Bila ada orang mati, mayat terpaksa ditanam, oleh itu kubur perlu digali dulu. Tetapi yang ganjil mengenai hamba Allah ini ialah dia tidak gali kubur untuk tanam mayat.

Sebaliknya apabila orang mati sudah ditanam, waris sudah lama balik ke rumah dan Munkar Nakir sudah menyoal, barulah penggali ini datang ke kubur untuk korek balik.

Dia nak tengok macam mana rupa mayat setelah di INTERVIEW oleh Munkar Nakir. Dia korek 1 kubur, 2 kubur, 3 kubur, 10 kubur, 50 kubur sampai 100 kubur.

Lepas itu, penggali pergi kepada Imam Suffian dan bertanya kepadanya: "Ya Imam, kenapakah daripada 100 kubur orang Islam yang aku gali, dua sahaja yang mana mayat di dalamnya masih berhadap kiblat. Yang 98 lagi sudah beralih ke belakang?".

Jawab Imam Suffian:" Di akhir zaman hanya 2 dari 100 umat Islam yang percaya rezeki itu di tangan Allah. 98 orang lagi tidak percaya bahawa rezeki di tangan Tuhan".

Itulah sebabnya apabila umat Islam tertekan dengan SOGOKAN duit yang banyak, biasanya, iman dia akan beralih. Nyatalah iman semut lebih kuat dari iman manusia.


firul says
"best gak kisah nih kan...aku cilok dari Bulletin Board kat Friendster
jugak...segala rezeki, ketentuan itu dari Allah....yang penting, do the best,
aim for the best...and all the best untuk kita semua :) "

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Lirik : Othman Hamzah - Gadis Melayu

Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan
Tak menarik hati, tiada memikat
Kalaulah memang tak mungkin aku tertarik
Kalaulah sungguh tak mungkin aku kan jatuh

Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan
Tak menarik hati, tiada memikat
Kalaulah memang tak mungkin aku tertarik
Kalaulah sungguh tak mungkin aku kan jatuh

Aduhai... lemah lembut gayanya
Serta manis senyumnya
Hitam pekat rambutnya
Ayuh ambil si dia

Di antara gadis gadis seluruh dunia
Tiada yang sehalus mulus oh setulus dia
Di antara gadis gadis seluruh dunia
Tiada yang sehalus mulus oh setulus dia
Budi bahasanya, pandangan matanya
Sentuhan jiwanya membuatku terlena

Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan
Tak menarik hati, tiada memikat
Kalaulah memang tak mungkin aku tertarik
Kalaulah sungguh tak mungkin aku kan jatuh

Di antara gadis gadis seluruh dunia
Tiada yang sehalus mulus oh setulus dia
Di antara gadis gadis seluruh dunia
Tiada yang sehalus mulus oh setulus dia
Budi bahasanya, pandangan matanya
Sentuhan jiwanya membuatku terlena

Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan
Tak menarik hati, tiada memikat
Kalaulah memang tak mungkin aku tertarik
Kalaulah sungguh tak mungkin aku kan jatuh


firul says
"hehe...gadis Melayu..lagu nih lagu Mawi bawak time konsert arituh....nasib baik
tak spoil...:)...aku rasa ramai orang terkedu time Aznil tanyer bagaimana
gadis pilihan Mawi and Mawi jawab 1st :bertudung :))....yang dapat kaver orang
lain ialah bila die pandai wat lawak kater pandai urut tuh :p....btw, memang
sesuai lagu nih ngan aku..sebab sampai sekarang pon, gadis Melayu tetap di
hati..:)...siapa ? ader la :))...."

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kertas Dinding : Lelaki Kelawar Bermula :)

firul says
"hehehe...lelaki kelawar dah datang ke pawagam....taktau biler aku nak pi
tengok, star wars pon weekend nih baru aku nak pi tengok ngan adik2 aku....btw,
inilah hasil editing aku semalam...bagi aku, takder aa cun sangat sebab al
maklum semua imej gelap2 belaka, geng2 motorola e398, amik la ek....kalau sesuai ngan korang nyer hp pon, sila2 lah amik....aku edit nih aku pakai kertas dinding nih la kat hp aku....Semua Hakcipta, Warner Bros punyer "

posted by PuTERAKL @ 12:45 PM   |

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lirik : Hattan - Dari Kekasih Kepada Kekasih

Entah berapa kali
Kucuba membohong hati ini
Hebat dilanda
Rindu padamu
Namun semua alasan
Rapuh bagaikan awan berarak
Yang memang tak pernah abadi
Dan terlalu cepatnya berlalu
Pabila digiring angin
Dan mudah pula layu
Selepas ia melimpahkan
Titis-titis ehsan

Kini hatiku sangat terdesak
Untuk memilikmu
Agar bisa aku meneruskan
Sisa-sisa hidupku ini
Seperti manusia yang punya kekasih
Yang punya kekasih

Entah berapa kali
Kucuba membohong hatiku ini
Hebat dilanda
Rindu padamu
Namun semua alasan
Rapuh bagaikan awan berarak
Yang memang tak pernah abadi
Dan terlalu cepatnya berlalu
Pabila digiring angin
Dan mudah pula layu
Selepas ia melimpahkan
Titis-titis ehsan

Kini hatiku sangat terdesak
Untuk memilikmu
Agar bisa aku meneruskan
Sisa-sisa hidupku ini
Seperti manusia yang punya kekasih
Yang punya kekasih

Punya kekasih

Seperti manusia yang punya kekasih
Yang punya kekasih

Tekan button play kat atas tuh untuk dengar lagu tuh sambil layan lirik :)... korang kena ader Real Player diinstall dalam komputer korang tau :)...kalau tak, button tuh takkan appear :p You can download it from here


firul says
"huhu..lagu nih la yang Mawi nyanyi masa konsert AF3 minggu lepas..huhuhu..hampeh ajer, harapkan suara ajer sedap, nyanyi tak ikut lirik..hopefully die tak luper lirik lagi untuk next konsert...huhuhu...anyway, lagu nih memang best seh...."

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Artikel : Somebody

somebody is very proud of you
somebody is thinking of you.
somebody is caring about you.
somebody misses you.
somebody wants to talk to you.
somebody wants to be with you.
somebody hopes you are not in trouble.
somebody is thankful for the support you have provided.
somebody wants to hold your hand.
somebody hopes everything turns out all right.
somebody wants you to be happy.
somebody want you to find him/her.
somebody wants to give you a gift.
somebody wants to hug you.
somebody thinks you ARE a gift.
somebody admires your strength.
somebody wants to protect you.
somebody can't wait to see you.
somebody loves you for who you are.
somebody treasures your spirit.
somebody is glad that you are their friend.
somebody want to get to know you better.
somebody wants to be near you.
somebody wants you to know they are there for you.
somebody would do anything for you.
somebody want to share their dreams with you.
somebody is alive because of you.
somebody needs your support.
somebody will cry when they read this.
somebody needs you to have faith in them.
somebody trusts you.
somebody hears a song that reminds them of you.

firul says
"got this from bulletin board kat Friendster...nice one kan....there's should be somebody for everyone...surely there's one will be mine..insya Allah..:)"

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Boring² : 9 Stress Reliever

Stress reliever #1

Wife: You always carry my photo in your handbag to the office. Why?
Darling : When there is a problem, no matter how impossible, I look at your picture and the problem disappears.
Wife: You see, how miraculous and powerful I am for you?
Darling : Yes, I see your picture and say to myself, "What other
problem can there be greater than this one?

Stress reliever #2

Girl: When we get married, I want to share all your worries, troubles and lighten your burden.
Boy: It's very kind of you, darling, But I don't have any worries or troubles.
Girl: Well that is because we aren't married yet.

Stress reliever #3

Son: Mom, when I was on the bus with Dad this morning, he told me to give up my seat to a lady.
Mom: Well, you have done the right thing.
Son: But mum, I was sitting on daddy's lap.

Stress reliever #4

A newly married man asked his wife, "Would you have married me if my father hadn't left! me a fortune?"
"Honey," the woman replied sweetly, "I'd have married you NO MATTER WHO LEFT YOU A FORTUNE"

Stress reliever #5

Father to son after exam: "Let me see your report card."
Son: "My friend just borrowed it. He wants to scare his parents."

Stress reliever #6

A teacher asked her class for sentences using the word "beans".. My Father grows beans," said one student.
"My father cooks beans," said another. Then little Johnny spoke up: "We are all human beans."

Stress reliever #7

Interviewer to Millionaire: To whom do you owe your success as a millionaire?"
Millionaire: "I owe everything to my wife."
Interviewer: "Wow, she must be some woman! What were you before you married her?"
Millionaire: "A Billionaire"

Stress reliever #8

Girl to her boyfriend: "One kiss and I'll be yours forever." The guy replies: "Thanks for the warning."

Stress reliever #9

A wife asked her husband: "What do you like most in me - my pretty face or my sexy body?"
He looked at her from head to toe and replied: "I like your sense of humour."

firul says

posted by PuTERAKL @ 12:49 PM   |

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tazkirah : Kisah Benar Khas Untuk Wanita

Saya ingin bercerita mengenai kisah adik saya, Nur Annisa, seorang gadis yang baru menginjak dewasa tetapi agak kasar dan suka berkelakuan seperti lelaki. Ketika usianya mencecah 17 tahun perkembangan tingkah lakunya benar-benar membimbangkan ibu.

Dia sering membawa teman-teman lelakinya pulang ke rumah. Situasi ini menyebabkan ibu tidak senang tambahan pula ibu merupakan guru al_Quran. Bagi mengelakkan pergaulan yang terlalu bebas, ibu telah meminta adik memakai tudung. Permintaan ibu itu ditolaknya sehingga seringkali berlakupertengkaran-pertengkaran kecil antara mereka.

Pernah pada suatu masa, adik berkata dengan suara yang agak keras, "cuba mama tengok, jiran-jiran kita pun ada yang anaknya pakai tudung, tapi perangainya sama je macam orang yang tak pakai tudung. Sampai kawan-kawan annisa kat sekolah, yang pakai tudung pun selalu keluar dating dengan boyfriend diorang, pegang-pegang tangan. Ani ni, walaupun tak pakai tudung, tak pernah buat macam tu!"

Ibu hanya mampu mengeluh mendengar kata-kata adik. Kadang kala saya terlihat ibu menangis di akhir malam. Dalam qiamullailnya. Terdengar lirik doanya " Ya Allah, kenalkan annisa dengan hukumMu".

Pada satu hari ada jiran yang baru pindah berhampiran rumah kami. Sebuah keluarga yang mempunyai enam orang anak yang masih kecil. Suaminya bernama Abu khoiri, (nama sebenarnya siapa, tak dapat dipastikan). Saya mengenalinya sewaktu di masjid. Setelah beberapa lama mereka tinggal berhampiran rumah kami, timbul desas-desus mengenai isteri Abu Khoiri yang tidak pernah keluar rumah, hingga ada yang menggelarnya si buta, bisu dan tuli.

Perkara ini telah sampai ke pengetahuan adik. Dia bertanya kepada saya, "abang, betul ke 0rang yang baru pindah itu, isterinya buta, bisu dan tuli?" Lalu saya menjawab sambil lewa, "kalau nak tau sangat, pergi rumah mereka, tanya sendiri" Rupa-rupanya adik mengambil serius kata-kata saya dan benar-benar pergi ke rumah Abu Khoiri. Sekembalinya dari rumah mereka, saya melihat perubahan yang benar-benar mendadak berlaku pada wajah adik. Wajahnya yang tak pernah muram atau lesu menjadi pucat lesi......entah apa yang dah berlaku?

Namun, selang dua hari kemudian, dia minta ibu buatkan tudung. Tudung yang labuh. Adik pakai baju labuh...... lengan panjang pula tu...saya sendiri jadi bingung..bingung campur syukur kepada Allah SWT kerana saya melihat perubahan yang ajaib..ya, saya katakana ajaib kerana dia berubah seratus peratus!

Tiada lagi anak-anak muda atau teman-teman wanitanya yang datang ke rumah hanya untuk bercakap perkara-perkara yang tidak tentu arah... saya lihat, dia banyak merenung, banyak baca majalah Islam (biasanya dia suka beli majalah hiburan), dan saya lihat ibadahnya pun melebihi saya sendiri..tak ketinggalan tahajudnya, baca Qur'annya, solat sunat nya..dan yang lebih menakjubkan lagi, bila kawan-kawan saya datang, dia menundukkan pandangan..Segala puji bagi Engkau wahai Allah, jerit hati saya..

Tidak lama kemudian, saya mendapat panggilan untuk bekerja di kalimantan, kerja di satu perusahaan minyak CALTEX. Dua bulan saya bekerja di sana, saya mendapat khabar bahawa adik sakit tenat hingga ibu memanggil saya pulang ke rumah ( rumah saya di Madiun). Dalam perjalanan, saya tak henti-henti berdoa kepada Allah SWT agar adik di beri kesembuhan, hanya itu yang mampu saya usahakan.

Ketika saya sampai di rumah..didepan pintu sudah ramai orang..hati berdebar-debar, tak dapat ditahan.....saya berlari masuk ke dalam rumah..saya lihat ibu menangis .. saya segera menghampiri ibu lantas memeluknya........dalam esak tangisnya ibu memberitahu, "Dhi, adik boleh mengucapkan kalimat Syahadah diakhir hidupnya"..air mata ini tak dapat ditahan lagi...

Setelah selesai upacara pengkebumian dan lain-lainnya, saya masuk ke bilik adik. Saya lihat di atas mejanya terletak sebuah diari. Diari yang selalu adik tulis. Diari tempat adik menghabiskan waktunya sebelum tidur semasa hayatnya. Kemudian diari itu saya buka sehelai demi sehelai...hingga sampai pada satu halaman yang menguak misteri dan pertanyaan yang selalu timbul di hati ini… Perubahan yang terjadi ketika adik baru pulang dari rumah Abu khoiri..di situ tertera soaljawab antara adik dan isteri jiran kami itu. Butirannya seperti ini:

Soaljawab (saya lihat di lembaran itu terdapat banyak bekas airmata)

Annisa : aku hairan,wajah wanita ini cerah dan bersinar seperti bidadari. "mak cik.. wajah mak cik sangat muda dan cantik"

Isteri jiranku : Alhamdulillah ..sesungguhnya kecantikan itu datang dari lubuk hati

Annisa : tapi mak cik kan dah ada anak enam ..tapi masih kelihatan cantik

Isteri jiranku : Subhanallah..sesungguhnya keindahan itu milik Allah SWT. Dan bila Allah SWT berkehendak.. siapakah yang boleh menolaknya?

Annisa : Mak Cik..selama ini ibu saya selalu menyuruh saya memakai tudung..tapi saya selalu menolak kerana saya rasa tak ada masalah kalau saya tak pakai tudung asalkan saya berkelakuan baik. Saya tengok, banyak wanita yang pakai tudung tapi kelakuannya melebihi kami yang tak pakai..sampaikan saya tak pernah rasa nak pakai tudung.. pendapat mak cik bagaimana?

Isteri jiranku : Nnnisa, sesungguhnya Allah SWT menjadikan seluruh tubuh wanita ini perhiasan dari ujung rambut hingga hujung kaki, segala sesuatu dari tubuh kita yang terlihat oleh bukan muhrim kita semuanya akan dipertanggung jawabkan dihadapan Allah SWT nanti, tudung adalah perlindungan untuk wanita ..

Annisa : tapi yang saya tengok, banyak wanita bertudung yang kelakuannya tak elok..

Isteri jiranku : Tudung hanyalah kain , tapi hakikat atau makna disebalik tudung itu sendiri yang harus kita fahami

Annisa : apakah hakikat tudung ?

Isteri jiranku : Hakikat tudung adalah perlindungan zahir batin, lindungi mata kamu dari memandang lelaki yang bukan muhram kamu, lindungi lidah kamu dari mengumpat orang dan bercakap perkara yang sia-sia ..sentiasalah lazimi lidah dengan zikir kepada Allah SWT, lindungi telinga kamu dari mendengar perkara yang mengundang mudharat baik untuk dirimu mahupun masyarakat , lindungi hidungmu dari mencium segala yang berbau busuk, lindungi tangan-tangan kamu dari berbuat sesuatu yang tidak senonoh, lindungi kaki kamu dari melangkah menuju maksiat, lindungi fikiran kamu dari berfikir perkara yang mengundang syaitan untuk memperdayai nafsu kamu, lindungi hati kamu dari sesuatu selain Allah SWT, bila kamu sudah biasa, maka tudung yang kamu pakai akan menyinari hati kamu.. itulah hakikat tudung

Annisa : mak cik, sekarang saya sudah jelas tentang erti tudung... mudah mudahan saya mampu pakai tudung. Tapi, macam mana saya nak buat semua tu?

Isteri jiranku : Duhai nisa, bila kamu memakai tudung, itulah kurniaan dan rahmat yang datang dari Allah SWT yang Maha Pemberi Rahmat , bila kamu mensyukuri rahmat itu, kamu akan diberi kekuatan untuk melaksanakan amalan-amalan 'tudung' hingga mencapai kesempurnaan yang diinginkan Allah SWT. Duhai nisa ..ingatlah akan satu hari di mana seluruh manusia akan dibangkitkan..ketika ditiup sangkakala yang kedua, pada saat roh-roh manusia seperti anai-anai yang bertebaran dan dikumpulkan dalam satu padang yang tiada batas, yang tanahnya dari logam yang panas, tiada rumput mahupun tumbuhan , ketika tujuh matahari didekatkan di atas kepala kita namun keadaan gelap gelita, ketika seluruh manusia ketakutan, ketika ibu tidak mempedulikan anaknya , anak tidak mempedulikan ibunya, sanak-saudara tidak kenal satu sama lain lagi , antara satu sama lain boleh menjadi musuh lantaran satu kebaikan lebih berharga dari segala sesuatu yang ada di alam ini, ketika manusia berbaris dengan barisan yang panjang dan masing masing hanya mempedulikan nasib dirinya, dan pada saat itu ada yang berpeluh kerana rasa takut yang luar biasa hingga tenggelam dirinya akibat peluh yang banyak, dan bermacam macam rupa-rupa bentuk manusia yang tergantung amalannya , ada yang melihat ketika hidupnya namun buta ketika dibangkitkan, ada yang berbentuk seperti haiwan, ada yang berbentuk seperti syaitan, semuanya menangis..menangis kerana hari itu Allah SWT murka.. belum pernah Allah SWT murka sebelum dan sesudah hari itu. Hingga ribuan tahun manusia dibiarkan Allah SWT di padang mahsyar yang panas membara hinggalah sampai ke Timbangan Mizan. Hari itulah dipanggil hari Hisab..Duhai Annisa, bila kita tidak berusaha untuk beramal pada hari ini, entah dengan apa nanti kita akan menjawab bila kita di tanya oleh Yang Maha Perkasa, Yang Maha Besar , Yang Maha Kuat , Yang Maha Agung. . . . Allah SWT .

Sampai di sini sahaja kisah itu saya baca kerana di sini tulisannya terhenti dan saya lihat banyak titisan airmata yang jatuh dari pelupuk matanya.. Subhanallah .Saya selak halaman berikutnya dan saya lihat tertera tulisan kecil dibawah tulisan itu "buta , tuli dan bisu.. wanita yang tidak pernah melihat lelaki selain muhrimnya , wanita yang tidak pernah mahu mendengar perkara yang dapat mengundang murka Allah SWT , wanita tidak pernah berbicara ghibah dan segala sesuatu yang mengundang dosa dan sia sia"

Tak tahan airmata ini pun jatuh.semoga Allah SWT menerima adikku disisinya..Amin
Subhanallah ..saya harap cerita ini boleh menjadi iktibar bagi kita semua. Wassalam.

firul says
"aku dapat dari kan citer nih...:)..aku tujukan khas buat semua wanita di dalam hidupku :)"

posted by PuTERAKL @ 1:33 PM   |

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