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Friday, March 09, 2007

Kisah Aku: Aku, dia dan accident !!!...

Click di sini atau gambar di atas to see some photos from the accident location.

Click di sini atau gambar di atas to see some photos from the worksop, 2 days after the accident.

firul says
"Assalamualaikum wbt.. it's been quite sometimes since my last postings... I've even almost believe that I'll never post a thing on this blog anymore.... anyway, here I am, posting here.. with the latest story that happen to me, and my "beloved one". She's actually not a SHE.. haha means that you girls out there still got the chance to be the PuTERI.. She is a Wira 1.5, my BELOVED CAR. Last week, on 27th Feb 2007; I've met with an accident... when driving back to home after work. After the accident, I was sub-consious due to the impact of the crash(according to the doctor in Hospital Serdang). I was about to detailing the whole story, but I think I should put only a brief here.. The accident happen to 4 cars, with mine the second from front. The 1st is Camry, behind me; 3rd one is also a Wira and last is Iswara. As I said, I was sub-consious after the impact but I really remember(very well) that something/someone has been the main cause of the accident. If you really wanna/must know, I'll be detailing later in other location(it's in progress). For 2 days I cant remember/think very well, in fact if you happen to be my girl, you would be sangat sedih coz I shall not recognize you. Yes, it's true. During that durations, it's lucky that I can still remember my families. What I really want to share with you here, wherever, whenever,whatever you're driving; if Allah has an accident written for you, it will happen! No matter how careful/ extra careful you are; even you're speeder, or not!.. It's Qada' and Qadar. Thus I accept and live with it. He's still giving me the chance/time to breath/live and do good deeds(bad deeds as well )..For you out there, at least; remember to recite "Bismillah" and "Doa Perjalanan"; always.... Wassalam. "

posted by PuTERAKL @ 1:00 AM   |

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