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Friday, May 27, 2005

Tazkirah : I'm Too Busy

Let's ponder upon this....
"People throw away what they could have,
By insisting on perfection--which they cannot have,
And looking for it where they will never find it.

"In the Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I'M TOO BUSY Everyday as I wake up at dawn
My mind start working the moment I yawn
There were many things to do, o dear!
That's why I hastily did my Subuh prayer
I didn't have the time to sit longer to praise the
To me rushing out after prayer is nothing odd...

Since school, I had been busy every minute
Completing my tutorials and handing it in
My ECAs took up most of my time always
No time did I have to Allah to pray
Too many things to do and zikir is rare
For Allah, I really had no time to spare..

When I grew up and started my career
Working all day to secure my future
When I reached home, I prefered to have fun
I chatted on the phone but I didn't read the Quran

I spent too much time surfing the Internet
Sad to say, my faith was falling flat...

The only time I have left is weekends
During which I prefer window shopping with friends
I couldn't spare time to go to the mosque
I'm too busy, that's the BIG EXCUSE...

I did my five prayers but did so quickly
After prayer, I didn't sit longer to reflect quietly
I didn't have time to help the needy ones
I was loaded with work as my precious time runs

No time at all to visit a sick Muslim friend
To orphans and elderly, I hardly lent a hand
I'm too busy to do community service
When there were gatherings, I helped the least

My life was already full of stress
So I didn't counsel a Muslim in distress
I didn't spend much time with my family
B'coz I thought, doing so is a waste of time...

No time to share with non-Muslim about Islam
Even though I know, inviting causes no harm
No time to do Sunnah prayers at all
All these contribute to my imaan's fall..

I'm busy here and busy there
I've no time at all, that's all I care
I went for religious lessons, just once in awhile
Coz I'm too busy making a pile...

I worked all day and I slept all night
Too tired for Tahajjud and it seemed not right
To me, earning a living was already tough
so I only did basic deeds but that's not enough..

No time at all, to admire God's creation
No time to praise Allah and seek His Compassion
Although I know how short is my life
For Islam, I really didn't strive..

Finally the day comes, when the Lord calls for me
And I stood before Him with my Life's History
I feel so guilty b'coz I should have prayed more
Isn't that what a Muslim lives for?

To thank Allah and do more good deeds
And the Quran is for us all to read..

Now at Judgement Day, I'm starting to fret
I've wasted my life but it's too late to regret
My entry to Paradise depend on my good behavior
But I've not done enough nor did proper prayer

My "good deed book" is given from my right
An angel opened my "book" and read out my plight.

Then the angle chided me....

"O You Muslim servant, you are the one,
Who is given enough time, yet not much is done
Do you know that your faith is loose?
saying "no time" is only an excuse.
Your "good deed book" should be filled up more
with all the good work you stood up for..

Hence, I only recorded those little good deeds
As I say this, I know your eyes will mist..
I was about to write some more, you see
But I did not have, THE TIME to list".......

firul says
"bz ker aku ?..byk seh kena atas batang idung...huhuhu"

posted by PuTERAKL @ 5:14 PM   |

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

BoringĀ² : eCard Perang Galaksi

firul says
"hhahahahahaha...semalam aku surf site STARWARS tuh...ada bahagian eCard......ramai gak la yang aku hantar kad tuh....untuk dapat tengok kad tuh, korang kena allow pop-up tau...sebab biler korang klik jer alamat URL yang kad tuh refer, die akan redirect korang ke site STARWARS and ader pop-up yang display kad tuh akan keluar..oklah, cam biasa, Semua Hakcipta, George Lucas punyer :))"

posted by PuTERAKL @ 8:45 AM   |

Kertas Dinding : Perang Galaksi Bermula


firul says
"hmmmmmmmmm(baca dengan nada Yoda) ...aku dah giler star wars...macam biasa...Semua Hakcipta, George Lucas punyer "

posted by PuTERAKL @ 8:31 AM   |

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Kertas Dinding : Operator Mobile 1

firul says
"hmm...ini some of akunyer new biasa, buatlah cam kertas dinding korang sendiri biasa aku nak ingatkan, sumer ni aku test ngan model Motorola E398...dimension: 220 X 176."

posted by PuTERAKL @ 2:02 PM   |

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lirik : Peter Pan - Ada Apa Denganmu

Lagu : Ada Apa Denganmu

Lagu/Lirik: Ariel

Sudah maafkan aku, segala salahku
Dan bila kau tetap bisu
Ungkapkan salahmu
Dan aku sifatku, dan aku khilafku
Dan aku cintaku, dan aku rinduku

Sudah, lupakan semua
Segala berubah
San kita terlupakan, kita terluka
Dan aku sifatku, dan aku khilafku
Dan aku cintaku, dan aku rinduku

Kutanya malam, dapatkah kau lihatnya
Perbedaan yang tak terungkapkan
Tapi mengapa kau tak berubah
Ada apa denganmu

Oh...hanya malam dapat meleburkan
Segala rasa yang tak terungkapkan
Tapi mengapa kau tak berubah
Ada apa denganmu


firul says
"sah..memang kena demam aku kena demam SO7 dulu..hahaha...tambah plak sumer lagu die aku dah ader...saper nak mp3 lagu die, mintak sama aku k...:)"

posted by PuTERAKL @ 10:31 AM   |

Lirik : Peter Pan - Diatas Normal

Artist : Peter Pan
Lagu : Diatas Normal

tak dapat kumengerti
kaki dikepala
kepala dikaki
patutnya menyadari
siapa yang harus
dan tak harus kucari

tetapi tak dapat ku mengerti

yang baru kusadari
kau tinggalkanku
tanpa sebab yang pasti
sesuatu yang harusnya terjadi
kau sakiti aku
kau yang harus ku benci

tetapi tak dapat ku mengerti
tetapi tak dapat ku mengerti

ku mencari sesuatu yang telah pergi
ku mencari hati yang kubenci
ku mencari sesuatu yang tak kembali
ku mencari hati yang kubenci

ku mencari
tetap tak dapat kutemui
ku mencari hati yang kubenci


firul says
"aku dah kena demam peterpan cam adik aku..huhuhu"

posted by PuTERAKL @ 10:26 AM   |

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