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Friday, July 09, 2004

Artikel : The 2004 ASLI Essay Competition

“Towards A Malaysia of Excellence: Championing The K-Society Through Smart Caring Citizenship”

Thematic Guidelines of the Essay

Imagine a wireless academic life. Attending lectures no longer require you to go through the hassle and bustle of the city jam- or even the crowded campus. By a few clicks of the several magical buttons notes, course outlines, paper works, and even your ‘beloved’ professor’s face will instantly pop up on your window screen- perhaps with a message “Where is your assignment? I am waiting for it boy!”

So sophisticated life would be in an entirely digital world. Everywhere you go there will always be gadgets that fascinate you at how they can significantly change the way you do things. Of more importance, you get instant results that far exceed the quality and value of that in the past. It is simply short of saying that it is the robotic valley that we all live in! Wishfully enough our country would eventually become one. Probably by then, Malaysians would live a real virtual-reality life. Not only we call our school a smart school but also our malls, markets, and even houses.

But technology gadgets alone may not be sufficient. A sophisticated country does not only possess the most updated and earth-shaking technology. It also harbors a society that thinks sophisticatedly. By this we mean a society that breeds the culture of inquiry and discovery. That is the K-Society- one of the many excellence a country like Malaysia is looking forward to.

We may invent the most modern and high-tech technologies. But the fact is that such technologies will eventually become obsolete with time. When this happens does that mean the end of our society’s survival? Of course we could not afford to agree with this. But disagreeing would require us to develop on our capability to sustain and to survive. It is only through knowledge that we continue to survive and sustain the sophistication of the country. It is through the knowledge culture (epistemic culture) that we produce Albert Einstein in every generation down the road.

Therefore this year’s essay presents you with the theme “Toward Malaysia of Excellence: Championing The K-Society Through Smart Citizenship”. It is through this theme that ASLI wishes to exploit young graduate’s mind to deliver their deep thoughts on what they perceive for the K-Society. No doubt technology and sophisticated scientific inventions are synonymous with the notion K-Society. But, as mentioned earlier, does such conventional synonym sound truly relevant and practical? Obviously we need more than just technologies. It is sometimes the way we manage and apply those technologies appear to be more critical in today’s world.

You may carefully craft your essay along the above theme. Your final topic may be creatively phrased for as long as it relates to the scope of the theme. Ideas may touch on variety of issues but must be strongly supported with empirical evidence. Sensitive or controversial ideas must be delicately phrased in such a way that those ideas do not negatively provoke others’ integrity be it of religious, cultural, or ideological. Of course this skill requires some high linguistic competence- but successfully doing so might perhaps earn your essay extra mileage. In keeping your word limit to 2000 words, your essay should deliver concise and sharp focus of discussion. Good luck!

The 2004 ASLI Essay Competition ‘Towards A Malaysia of Excellence: Championing The K-Society Through Smart Caring Citizenship”


1. Essay must be no more than 2000 words.
2. Judges will look for originality of thought and fresh ideas and a clear vision of what a knowledge society means to you and accuracy of facts and statistics
3. Contest is open to all undergraduates of Public and Private Universities in Malaysia
4. All submissions must be typed, double space in English, Times New Roman at font size 12 and must be the original work of the contestant. Please state the number of words at the end of essay.
5. Only 1 essay per contestant.
6. Entries must contain name of contestant, University and Course pursued, contact address, phone, email and proof that you are an undergraduate of the said University with a photocopy of your University Student ID.
7. All essay must be sent to and reach ASLI by 2nd August 2004 via email to
8. Entries sent after closing date will not be considered.
9. The panel of judges will be invited by the organisers and judges’ decisions are final and correspondence will not be entertained.
10. All prizes are final and must be received by the winners. Prizes / Non cash award cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.
11. Essays submitted are not returnable and the organisers: ASLI reserves the right to reproduce, publish with notification to contestants but not necessary with payment and consent to and from contestants.
12. ASLI / organisers reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations without prior notice.
13. Winners will be notified and must be present at the prize presentation ceremony at ASLI or appropriate venue and on the date to be informed later.


1st WINNER – RM 5000 worth of Unit Trust Scheme

2nd WINNER – RM 3000 worth of Unit Trust Scheme

3rd WINNER – RM 2000 worth of Unit Trust Scheme

Further info :

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